"I have found Seattle Executives Association to be beneficial on a business level, as well as a personal level."

    • I have been a member of the Seattle Executive Association for 4 years now. I have been in business for 7 years. So, I have been part of Seattle Execs for over half the time my company has been in business. Being part of this group has been an extremely positive experience and I have grown in leaps and bound both as a company and as an individual.
      In the last four years I have also gained a greater appreciation for the importance of individual relationships. Seattle Execs is a fabulous organization as a whole. But what makes it a phenomenal organization is each individual in the group. Seattle Execs works because of the quality people that make up this group. I am grateful every day that this organization gives me a platform to grow in relationship with each member individually.
      I could go on to tell you about the 32 plus individuals I have received business from. I could talk about the value in dollars of this organization, how this organization represents $150,000 plus in sales for my company over 4 years. I could talk about the 24 plus members whom I have given business to. But Seattle Execs has meant even more to me than that.
      At the end of 2008 my company went into a rapid decline. So much so, that I was not even sure if my business was going to survive. I was gripped with fear and started to ask myself some painful questions. Questions like…What will people think of me if my company fails? Am I a failure? What if I can’t provide for my family? I’m sure that some reading this, can relate to these thoughts and feelings. I say this because I want everyone to know that the members of Seattle Execs encouraged me not to quit, and to push through all the difficulties no matter how hard they seemed. I feel as thought I have walked side by side with everyone in the group, though deep feelings of uncertainty and fear. This support has helped me stay strong though it all. Thanks you Seattle execs for your support, strength and encouragement. I am honored to be a member of this marvelous organization.
    • Josh Miller, President
    • Membership in the Seattle Executives Association has been a vital link for our company to other quality businesses in the area for many years. (I've been a member since 1951.)
      It opens the door to candid business information and shared leads that would not be available from any other source."
    • Jim Osborn, President
    • I have found Seattle Executives Association to be beneficial on a business level, as well as a personal level.

      On the business side, access to peers at leading businesses has resulted in direct sales to members as well as recommendations and referrals for businesses they know. On a personal level, the perspectives and insights of the members as well as the content created for the meeting have kept me thinking and answered many questions. I definitely feel my membership is an important part of my business and personal life.
    • John Backstrom, President/Owner
    • I have been an active member of Seattle Execs for 13 years now and I must say it is one of the best investments of time and resources that I have ever made. From a purely financial standpoint, my dues are trivial compared to the business I have generated and continue to generate from the members and the introductions I receive from the association. From a business development standpoint, I have increased confidence in speaking, presenting, and simply talking about my business to others. The social aspect of Seattle Execs cannot be ignored. You tend to do business with your friends. You also gain confidence in yourself when you have 130 other executives there to support you on a weekly basis. I cannot thank Seattle Execs enough for the value I have received over the last 11 years. I look forward to another 13 years of business and friendship.
    • John Brondello III, President